Our Core Values

At RC4 we strive to build:

Community- We empower each other and recognize our responsibility to one another.

Diversity- We celebrate bringing together a diverse group of people with rich differences in ethnic, racial, and socio-cultural backgrounds, age, and gender.

Lifelong Learning- We nurture a love for learning and believe that everyone benefits when they are able to grow- cognitively, emotionally, and physically.

Quality- Children deserve the best quality child care and education to support their total development.

Respect- We strive to appreciate that each person is unique, valuable, and worthy of respect.

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Our Classrooms

  • Red Room (infants aged 6 weeks to approx 15 months)—one teacher to three children
  • Green Room (toddlers aged 15 months to 35 months)—one teacher to four children
  • Blue Room (3 years to 5 years of age)—one teacher to six children

All our classrooms use the Creative Curriculum. It allows staff to incorporate developmental milestones that are important to each child's development with areas that excite your child. All rooms, with the exception of the Red Room, have well developed and inviting "Interest Areas." These include large motor, small motor, science, water table, literacy, dramatic play/housekeeping, blocks and manipulatives. 

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Teen Parent Program

We provide resources and models for teen parents with the goal of inspiring and helping them earn their high school diploma, continue their education, and plan their next life steps. In the end, whether they go on to further their education or take a job, they know their children can remain in the quality care and education program at Ravenswood Community Child Care Center.

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You can become part of the community

RC4 is a community-based partnership, bringing together parents, professionals, organizations and individuals from the Ravenswood neighborhood. Such a partnership strengthens the early experiences of the youngest members of the community.

Families are our most important stakeholders at our school. Family events and workshops take place monthly. Parents are encouraged to use their skills and talents to help create the connection between home and school.

woman and child reading a book

Invest in the Future

Ravenswood Community Child Care Center is a  non profit organization that relies on the support of generous donors who invest in children, realizing they are our future community leaders.